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There are a lot of things that were left beyond the scope of this web site. Aquarium universe is vast and endless. Aquarium resources on the Internet include MP3 songs, videos, tons of pictures, concerts reports, songs, chords, guitar tabs and more. Understandably though, most of these resources are in Russian. We want to provide you with some guidance and help in exploring the Aquarium universe.

Official Aquarium Web Sites

These web sites contain the most current information about the group and are updated quite often.

Official Aquarium Page (Russian)

Planet Aquarium


These E-mail addresses may be useful:

Boris Grebenshikov himself - all kind of questions

Max Lande, Aquarium manager - bookings, press, copyright  

Michael Morozov, webmaster


You can find main Aquarium albums at iTunes (US store). Recent albums are always at and others will be there soon

"Refuge" can be ordered at Raven Recordings

Other Web sites

The Bodhisattvas of Babylon (in English)

There are numerous Aquarium resources including some English pages. Your primary connection to other Aquarium resources on the Internet would be the  Aquarium Beyond reference.

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