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Ficus Religiosa

Песня: Фикус религиозный

Перевод: Борис Гребенщиков

Oh ye ficus, my ficus, ficus religiosa,
On the edge of the world, why you stand so alone?
Unbelievers and villains tried to cut you and slash you,
But their knives all got blunted, so they walked away home.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon - always shining above you;
Golden rivers around you - running steadfast and true;
And the branch at the top hides two birds that are watching,
To protect you from evil that might creep unto you.

One is called Eudundoxia, and the other - Snandulya;
They've got feathers of turquise and mother-of-pearl;
Their hearts are of hard stone, their tears - of iron,
But their eyes are the saddest I have seen in the world.

There's a book that I've read, said the bad days are coming,
When the Chainsaw is princess and The Icepick is King -
Then these Birds will alight, love,
They will light up the night, love,
And they'll take us away, love, on their Heavenly wings.

P.S. Of course, it's a very clumsy translation. But the song
itself is quite peculiar - it basically started as a pun (ficus
religiosa is, in fact, The Bodhi Tree, made famous by Buddha's
enlightement under it), then unexpectedly grew into a faerie tale
(note that the names are quite real - the weirdest Russian Orthodox
female names), and then it ... somehow the last verse chills me,
when I'm singing it - and it does something to Russian listeners,
too. It is one strange song.

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